Granicrete Minnesota + Smith and Trade Mercantile = One of a Kind

Smith and Trade Mercantile of Stillwater, MN commissioned Granicrete Minnesota to create a one of a kind table. So we did just that.

Builders: Tom Eaton, Nic Lang
Designer: Nic Lang

Over 100 hours of work went into bringing this table to life. This beautiful piece features 3 layers of MDF wood and a chainsaw-chiseled edge, as well as copper piping and the Smith and Trade logo inlaid in its top. This table weighs in at 500 pounds and uses Granicrete colors and epoxy make it a truly unique piece that can never be copied.

This table will be featured in a local magazine and on TV, where Kelli Kaufer – design professional– is a guest each month. Kelli, co-owner of Smith and Trade Mercantile, commissioned this piece with the Smiths to create a focal point in their store which features local artisans’ works, as well as artisans teaching weekly classes. We even hope to teach an epoxy class twice a year!

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Granicrete Minnesota + The Outdoor Greatroom Company + MN Concrete Products

We are exploring a collaboration with MN Concrete Products and The Outdoor Greatroom Company to bring one-of-a-kind color to their outdoor firepits and freestanding firetables.

MN Concrete Products manufactures precast concrete products of all shares, sizes, and colors. The Outdoor Greatroom Company offers easy to use, weather resistant firepits, fireplaces, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor furniture. Their mission is to bring family and friends together by redefining the home living experience through innovative products and people. This is a potential match made in heaven for Granicrete Minnesota.

We resurfaced three freestanding firepits with innovative, heat resistant Granicrete to see how our products work with theirs. By resurfacing with Granicrete, we’ve collaborated to create unique, one-of-a-kind products for their customers’ outdoor living spaces. We had a great time working with MN Concrete Products and The Outdoor Greatroom Company. Stay tuned to see if our exploration can lead to working with The Outdoor Greatroom Company and MN Concrete Products in the future!