Granicrete Minnesota: Creative Concrete, More Special Than Stone

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Granicrete Minnesota + Smith and Trade Mercantile = One of a Kind

Smith and Trade Mercantile of Stillwater, MN commissioned Granicrete Minnesota to create a one of a kind table. So we did just that. Builders: Tom Eaton, Nic Lang Designer: Nic Lang Over 100 hours of work went into bringing this table to life. This beautiful piece features 3 layers of MDF wood and a chainsaw-chiseled …

Host Like a Pro

Today’s the big day. You’re hosting an event in your home. You’re entertaining guests. You’ve deep cleaned and decluttered. The wine is aerating, and the food is ready to serve. But is your space ready for guests? And more importantly, are you ready for all the clean up after guests leave? Don’t worry. Granicrete Minnesota …

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Granicrete Minnesota: Creative concrete, more special than stone.