Host Like a Pro

Today’s the big day. You’re hosting an event in your home. You’re entertaining guests. You’ve deep cleaned and decluttered. The wine is aerating, and the food is ready to serve. But is your space ready for guests? And more importantly, are you ready for all the clean up after guests leave? Don’t worry. Granicrete Minnesota has you covered.

During the Party: The kitchen is a fantastic room for starting a party, but there’s also a fantastic chance for messes to occur. Guests gather around the island and snack, pour wine, and mingle. Did Karen use a coaster on the kitchen island for her glass of red wine? Did Bob spill salsa on the counter? If you’ve got a natural stone counter, you might be fretting over stains instead of enjoying your event. Instead of stone, think Granicrete. Granicrete is stain-resistant and non-porous, so wine and salsa won’t leave any residue on your counters.
After Guests Leave: Granicrete is low maintenance and can be cleaned quickly with just soap and water. When your guests have left, you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing your kitchen.

During the Party: When you’re hosting, your bathroom is sure to see higher-than-normal traffic. With natural stone, this is a chance for new bacteria to be introduced to your home. But not with Granicrete. Granicrete is bacteria-resistant and NSF-certified so you can enjoy your party knowing that you’re keeping your home free of germs just by having Granicrete counters in your bathroom.
After Guests Leave: Remember all that extra traffic of guests coming in and out of the bathroom? With Granicrete floors, you don’t have to worry about dirt or grime build up. All Granicrete floors are sealed and don’t use grout.

During the Party: We all know Minnesota winters (and springs, and autumns) can be frigid. After the snow-covered boots come off, your guests might be chilly if you have a traditional floor in your living room. Wood, tile, and even carpet can be cold and uninviting. Granicrete can be easily installed over heated flooring so guests feel comfortable keeping their feet on the floor – and off your couch.
After Guests Leave: Is Stacy drops a heavy glass on your wood or tile floor, you might be looking at a costly repair. Not with Granicrete. Our innovative products are extremely durable and stand up to significant wear and tear. In the event that a repair does need to be done, we can quickly and cost-effectively fix your Granicrete.

Granicrete lets you host like a pro, before, during, and after your event. To get your next project started, contact Granicrete Minnesota at 763-367-0947.