Builders and Remodelers

Granicrete Minnesota partners with builders and remodelers in the Midwest who want to add innovative, eco-friendly products to their client’s homes and businesses. Our certified artisan installers can install for you, or you can learn to install Granicrete yourself. For information on classes, click here.

I am a residential builder/remodeler. Why is Granicrete the best product for my residential clients? Clients often want natural stone in their homes. But granite and stone are costly, heavy, and can be difficult to repair. To get the same look of stone, builders should recommend Granicrete. It is cost-efficient, NSF-certified, non-staining, and requires no grout. In addition, Granicrete is lighter than granite and is easier to repair, making the long term investment for your clients better than natural stone. Return on investment is a great way to determine if Granicrete is right for your clients. When spec’ing products for your client’s homes, keep these statistics in mind:
  • Residential clients who update their kitchens with Granicrete see a 90% return on their investment.
  • Bathroom updates see a 75-90% ROI.
  • Backyard living area return 80-100% of the original investment, while front yard updates return 30-60%.

As a builder/remodeler, my company takes on all kinds of projects. Where can I use Granicrete for my clients? Everywhere! Granicrete is an innovative, versatile product that can be used anywhere your clients want the look of granite or stone. We cover countertops, interior and exterior floors (even heated floors!), walls, vanities, showers, fireplace surrounds, patios, pools, and more. We’ve even installed Granicrete on the side of an RV!

I am a commercial builder/remodeler. Can I still use Granicrete? Yes you can! Granicrete is ideal for businesses because it is NSF-certified for use in indoor and outdoor commercial kitchens. Granicrete can also be used for commercial flooring, bathroom and shower projects, and more. Additionally, your commercial clients can customize their Granicrete to include their logos in the design. Want to see more? View our commercial projects on Mortarr!